Grow your own food

Have you always wanted to grow your own food, but you don't know how to get started?

We know finding space to grow in a city can be tricky. At Food Up Front we think it's a fun challenge and encourage our gardeners to grow any place that works - backyard, front yard, porch, balcony, or sidewalk planters. Many vegetables grow best in sun, but some prefer a little shade. So the possibilities are endless! Just make sure if you're planting near a tree, be extra careful not to dig up or damage any roots.

Once you've selected your site, you need to decide what to plant! Learn more about how to grow your own food and how to request your own seeds!

Our amazing friends at Homestead T.O have created helpful growing guides for our most popular vegetables. If you're wondering what you'll need to do to grow your favourite veggies, check these out.

Food Up Front provides free seeds to anyone in Toronto learning grow their own food. If you're interested in receiving free seeds, fill out or request form and you'll get a few different types to try out in the spring.